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Mrs Patmore: I'm rich now.
Carson: Now you want my advice.
Mrs Patmore: Actually. No. I just want to talk to Mrs Hughes here.
Carson: But you'll get my advice anyway.
Mrs Hughes: Better ask someone who actually knows what he's doing.
Mrs Hughes: *not listening*
Mrs Hughes: So what are you going to tell her?
Carson: I'm the butler. I know things.
Carson: Go buy some houses. They'll make you rich.
Mrs Patmore: How?
Carson: They just do, okay?!
Mrs Patmore: Should've asked Mr Branson.
Mrs Hughes: Told you so.
Mrs Patmore: I will buy a house.
Mrs Hughes: Your idea was very good Mr Carson.
Carson: I knew you needed my advice.
Mrs Hughes: We'll be lost without you.
Mrs Patmore: The cottage has three bedrooms.
Mrs Hughes: *oh shit*
Mr Carson: *oh shit*

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MRS. PATMORE: He’s given me his view about my money. He says I should put it into a building firm. W. P. Moss or if not them, then into some other building opportunity. 
MRS. HUGHES: And you don’t want to?

Elsie Hughes everyone! // Downton Abbey 05x05

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Mrs Patmore and Mrs Hughes that make gossip without caring about Carson ahahah..



Since nobody is making a livestream post yet here it is. The links seem fine atm.

Livestream 1

Livestream 2

Livestream 3

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Rosamund Pike | Toronto International Film Festival Portraits

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