Film Posters from Meryl Streep movies

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daily reminder that minerva mcgonagall is metal as fuck

reminder she took 3 stunning spells directly to the chest and after being taken to st mungos brushed it off like nothing

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Explain please?

Is put the milk in first dirty for something? Did she just pick up on him? Or is it just not done that way and it offends his sensibilities? I am so confused. (Please play help the yank.)

I’m a fellow Yank,
, so I can’t say for sure, but I think she’s just being pushy, demanding, and difficult.

I thought I read somewhere that you never put the milk in first. I could be wrong, but that was what I thought when I saw this scene.

i’m pretty sure he was horrified because he would always serve lord grantham first, and he was getting ready to make his cup.

yes also he was horrified because she had just praised him as a person of great value for all and then she gives him an “order”

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Every minute of every day, you’ve been stuck in a lab right beside me. You’ve been beside me the whole damn time.

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Flux… disgusting.



Downton 5.01 - Fifty shades of blue Molesley


Well…I’ve always said that I love JoFro….but this need a special mention


Mrs Hughes is the one for a secret…

Mrs H knows Edith has a thing for farmers.  She’ll be the first one to work out who Marigold belongs to, mark my words.

PS  Sorry Mrs Drewe, but I ship your hubby and Edith.

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What are you afraid of? 
— I feel a shaking of the ground I stand on, that everything I believe in will be tested and held up for ridicule over the next few years.  

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